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Near Real-Time Alerts

Receive notices of litigation events quickly throughout the trading day. Receive significant court opinion alerts within a short time after release.

Litigation Monitoring

Track litigation dockets of publicly traded companies.

Instant Delivery

Alerts delivered through email and push notifications for speed and convenience.

More than just Alerts.

For those interested, Litigation Alpha Alerts can be supplemented by expert guidance from experienced litigators.

Expert Guidance.

Expert guidance from Markman Advisors is available as an optional supplement to the Litigation Alpha Alerts.

Full Docket Access

Review complete dockets for monitored cases, including individual filings and opinions (additional PACER charges may apply)

Litigation Summary.

Supplement Litigation Alpha Alerts with additional analysis from Markman Advisors.

Detailed Expert Reports

Supplement Litigation Alpha Alerts with additional analysis from Markman Advisors.

What people are saying.

Why Litigation Alpha is valuable.

  • “The Litigation Alpha alerts are priceless, especially for those of us who follow pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies involved in patent litigation.”

    Dan Ravicher

  • “For the last four years I have been ahead of the curve in investments influenced by patent litigation. Litigation Alpha has enhanced my edge even as more sophisticated parties have joined the field. The alerts give me timely data, which can be the difference between a huge profit or a huge loss.”

    IP Hawk

For Event-Driven Traders

Litigation Alpha is designed to help both event-driven and value investors maintain up-to-date awareness of litigation events that could impact on their investments.

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Additional Consulting Services for Institutions

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